Landscape Design in Wagga

Landscape Design

Landscape design is an artistic experience. As landscape designers in Wagga we understand that you are looking for more than the average outdoor garden space. We will turn your drab and dreary backyard into a masterpiece- one that is both beautiful and practical. We will examine your design brief and determine the best garden landscaping and construction solutions to achieve your ideal outdoor space. At Pro Landscaping Wagga we like to keep things transparent. We will take you through the garden design process, involving you every step of the way, with everything from site analysis, to concept development and the final design plan. We will measure your features to scale, so that we are able to advise you on your budgeting options, while supplying you with the best landscaping supplies and services that Wagga has to offer.

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Site Analysis

Our landscaping team which consists of landscape architects and garden designers will visit your commercial or residential properties to conduct a site analysis on your outdoor spaces before any landscaping can begin. We will determine any possible issues ahead of time so that you are fully aware of  potential difficulties, allowing you to avoid any future disasters. Our team will look for issues such as poor leveling, root rot, broken gutters, parasitic plants, as well as water damage caused by faulty irrigation systems.

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We will assist you with advice on excavations, drainage systems and landfills. Next, we will assess your property for issues that might arise due to weather exposure and decide on the best possible solutions to prevent damage.Our licensed and certified team of landscapers will advise you on the best measures to take so that you are always one step ahead.

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Concept Development

Conceptual design is an important part of the landscape design process. We will take your developing ideas and turn them into a structured plan. This covers everything from choosing the best materials for your retaining walls, the most suitable paving materials as well as the location of your pathways, flowerbeds and carports. We will ensure that your garden and construction elements seamlessly blend, providing you with a space that is practical, matches your lifestyle and is aesthetically pleasing. We will assist you with everything from choosing the perfect color scheme, the best type of hedges, evergreens, suitable fencing, garden edging and lawn solutions.

Construction Plan

We eliminate the need of hiring separate construction companies to complete your construction plans. Pro Landscaping Wagga will develop a detailed construction plan as part of the design process. Our highly skilled landscape designers, together with our experienced construction contractors, work together using design principles to create imaginative and breath-taking landscapes. Ask any of our satisfied clients about our highly professional and expert construction services.

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We will construct gabion walls for your flower beds, high quality retaining walls, build luxurious water features such as fountains and waterfalls, as well as sun-dials, bird baths and gorgeous pergolas! Call Pro Landscaping Wagga for a free consultation to get started on your dream outdoor space today!