Garden Edging Wagga

Garden Edging

Edge your garden with easy to install and eco friendly materials. Edging your garden with borders instantly gives your outdoor space a professionally landscaped feel. Select from our wide range of materials to edge your gardens, including brick, wide strips of steel, timber or aluminum. Create distinct sections and elevated areas for your garden areas and flowerbeds. Wrap your garden with EasyFlex to prevent your lawn from encroaching onto your garden. Edge your garden nursery to prevent children accidentally stepping on your tender plants. Use our sturdy gabion walls to create a unique visual appeal. When it comes to garden edging, the only limit is your imagination. Use stonework or rock art to create an imaginative appeal.

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Garden edging not only adds beauty and practicality to your space, it is also important for keeping your grass healthy and for the management of weeds. Whatever your garden edging requirements, Pro Landscaping Wagga has got all the landscaping supplies you need.

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Gardeners you can trust

Pro Landscaping Wagga will take care of your gardens with the utmost care, making your home or commercial property our priority. You can trust us for quality workmanship and professional service delivery. We take care of all your garden requirements, from the simple tasks of planting and installing the perfect flowerbeds that  suit your garden concept, to troubleshooting garden issues such as maintaining the pH level of your soil by determining the best fertilizing materials and compost for your garden.

We will also take care of your general garden maintenance needs such as hedging and pruning so that your hedges grow beautifully and maintain its shape. Take advantage of our whipper snipping and lawn mowing services so that your garden stays fresh and vibrant throughout the year.


Along with our other services we also take care of all your mulching needs. Choose from our selection of organic or non-organic mulching materials to keep your garden at peak condition. Choose from sawdust, wood chips, chopped leaves, compost, and pine leaves. We recommend shredded bark mulch as the best for preventing weeds. Non-organic mulches include black plastics and geo textiles.

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Whatever you choose, mulching adds a layer of protection to your soil and is important for the conservation of soil moisture, improving fertility and the health of your soil, as well as reducing weed growth. Our team of licensed professionals will advise you on the best type of mulches for your unique garden needs.

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Lawn Care Wagga

Lawn care is an important part of maintaining your outdoor spaces. A poorly kept lawn can die off, lose colour or form unsightly patches. Poor drainage and irrigation systems will quickly deteriorate the condition of your lawn. We will assist you with all your lawn care needs including lawn mowing, installing paved pathways to avoid erosion, and apply anti-weed agents to your lawn, so that your lawn stays in peak condition all year round. We are also able to install artificial turf which is safe for your children and pets to play on, and is ideal for tennis courts and pool surrounds.

No need to do it yourself! Call our friendly team of landscaping experts for all the best tips and solutions on lawn care. We will be over to assess and maintain your lawn so you don’t have to. Give us a call today!